Music Overlord

Who I Am

I HATE Auto-Tune—that’s the first thing you need to know about me. I’m a Pianist, a Composer; that’s the second thing. Number three? I would rather be in the studio or on-stage than online...

Help me wage war on the mainstream music entertainment world..…

Who I Am, What I Stand For

Again, at my core, I'm a Piano-Man, a Composer. I think I create some of the best music. I really HATE Auto-Tune…

You can't mistake my sound. In simple terms, my productions are kind of like the Star Wars Original Trilogy soundtracks crossed with a Pink Floyd vs. Chromeo mash-up, but on steroids.

I'm constantly reinventing audio experiences however I can.

I believe in helping others be excellent.

I've entertained as a public-servant my whole life.

I'm underground, dedicated to my craft. I sometimes surface my head in pop-culture but as I said, nothing beats being locked in the studio or up on stage.

I spend all of my time in the tool-shed. The chances of catching me on social-media and other distractions are slim.

Please be confident in knowing that I'll always be pumping out the best songs I can.

Check me out.


I've Released Via

  • Sinister Purpose; SP World-Wide, Sekrett Scilensce Associates; Sekrett Scilensce, Secret Silence -- Kuneo Koei -- MMP Publishing; Mary Margaret Park and Indigo Century